More and more women are beginning to use male escort agencies.

We spoke to a few women and these are their stories that they shared with us for this article.

Mary a 38-year-old single female:  Mary who is recently divorced and is not looking for a serious relationship and has a rather hectic schedule because she works 60 to 70 hours a week needed a sex life fitting to her lifestyle.  She is a very attractive woman, tried dating and going to the bars after work and found she more aggravated than anything.  Mary went on several dates with basically losers.  They may have had nice cars and good jobs, but only wanted sex. As she said to me, I have a better orgasm with my sex toys, why bother.  She at one point felt lonely and called us and was set up with our handsome gigolo Manny.

Mary could not believe her eyes.  For starters, he was perfect.  He could have been on the cover of a magazine.  Manners he had it all.  She stated that he was a gentleman in the kitchen while they had a drink.  In the bedroom, he was a beast.  He made her orgasm multiple times.  Since that first experience with our agency, Mary has booked Manny several more times and still continues to do today.

Dating apps treated her by her age

The other female we spoke to was Crystal a 58-year-old grandmother.  Yes, you bet it, even Grandma likes to have a sex life. The reason Crystal initially used was that the dating apps and hook up apps were just too much for her to handle.  Crystal who is a bit tech savvy enjoys using her phone to bank, text, email and play games.  As far as dating, she said it was very impersonal to use dating apps.  She found they were also annoying and not easy to use.  The profiles that would match hers were god awful, as she quoted to us.

I sat down with Crystal, she is a very attractive woman.  She doesn’t look like Grandma, but the dating apps treated her by her age.  She read an article about dating using a male escort site and decided to give it a whirl.

Crystal’s date with Perth Gigolo Manny

Crystal’s first date with her male escort was incredible she stated.  Manny was mature, tall, had all his hair and teeth, which she jokingly said to us.  Due to the fact that her matches were with old, fat ugly toothless men.  Manny was enjoyable to be around as Crystal told us.  He could carry a conversation.  He could give her the most amazing sex ever, and had agreed to several public dinner dates with her.  Crystal is not looking to get married or live with someone at least at this point in my life.  Booking a male escort was the best decision. Manny she books regularly, she admits, she is not comfortable with booking another escort at this time.  She has fun, great sex and great company.

These are just two women we had interviewed about their experiences on dating male escorts and clearly, as you can see, they both had very positive experiences with Manny the gigolo.  Sorry dating apps, those are not the men woman seek.  They clearly seek good looking men with manners and style.  This is why male escort services have become more and more popular.


written by Melissa for gigolo in perth