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Katrina and John have always had a BDSM relationship, but this time Katrina wanted to completely humiliate John.  Katrina wanted to cuck John.  She really didn’t know anyone, or really wanted anyone she knew to hear about her personal life.  Katrina decided to hire a male escort.  She asked for a muscular, built, hung guy to totally humiliate John more than she ever had.

She texted us and Alex was sent to their home.  Once, Katrina and John invited him into their home, they offered him a drink.  Alex accepted the drink, from there they went into the bedroom.  Katrina asked Alex to humiliate John with her.  He is to laugh at him and make him feel like a pathetic troll.  He agreed.

Humiliation of seeing his wife enjoy sex with another man.

Katrina ordered John to sit in the chair nude in the corner of the bedroom.  As Katrina stood there in a white lace bra and matching thong, she began to undress and kiss Alex’s chest and say what an amazing body he has.  She looked at John, and laughed and told John, this is what a man looks like you pathetic waste of human life!  She then ordered Alex to pull down his shorts directly in front of John and show off his big monster dick.  Alex  did as instructed and laughed and said, “You see John, this is what a penis looks like, I am a man, what are you?”  “You are so pathetic; I am going to fuck your wife in front of you.”  Katrina laughed and told John, “This is a man, you loser!”  Katrina told Alex to shove his cock into her cunt.  He slid his cock deep into Katrina’s pussy and fucked her.  He didn’t fuck her, he fucked her hard.  When Alex was ready to cum, she ordered John over to lick the cum of her body.  She laughed and said you pathetic cuck.  This is your job, is to clean the cum up, because you are not man.

Katrina and John loved their dirty, private experience. gets more and more bookings from couples for this very request.  Cuckolding is something a lot of couples do, but sometimes need the help of a reputable escort agency.  Cuckolding isn’t something a lot of couples want to tell their friends because of judgment.  That is the reason agencies have become more popular.  Men who like to be humiliated can also often be judged.

The married men or boyfriends who enjoy being cucked by their wives would most likely be made fun of by their friends. The point of the fantasy is to be humiliated by their spouse or girlfriend and the third sexual partner involved.  Just like any other type of fetish or sexual role play for some couples, privacy and discreetness are just as important.  Therefore, this is the reason more agencies for male escorts are becoming more and more popular.

The story provided by Katrina and John is an actual true story shared by one of our clients.  Of course, we changed the names of our clients to keep the identities hidden.


written by Melissa perth male escorts

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