Push the boundaries experience 

I rang the doorbell at around 9:30 PM. I knew what to expect at first but had no idea where this could lead. She opened the door and I couldn’t help but crack a smile. She was amazing and she knew it… so did her husband. Why was it more amazing than I had expected when she kissed me softly but with slightly building passion as her hand instinctively slid to the bulge in my pants? Her lips were soft and her ass was firm as I used it to pull her closer to me. It didn’t last long but I know I was already dripping pre-cum by the time our kiss was over. I was going to have to be careful with this one.

She knew what she wanted

I expected an hour or so of drinks to gently lead to touching and maybe more but this couple knew what they wanted and knew how to get it. She unzipped my fly, reached skillfully into my pants and carefully pulled out my already rock hard cock. As soon as she had a handful, she wordlessly turned around and pulled me by my “leash” behind her down the hall, into their bedroom.

I glanced back to her husband and he had a very knowing smile on his face as we disappeared around the corner. This woman clearly had a plan and it seemed as though I was going to just have to hang on tight and not fall off the ride. Over the years, I’ve taken control and I’ve given it away so I’ve learned to adapt to what is needed.

As she turned me and pushed me back onto a soft chair in the corner, I knew that what was needed at this moment was for me to keep my mouth shut as she opened hers. Her lips parted and worked their way down my shaft and without delay or pause, she took the entirety of my member and pushed it to the back of her throat and kept it there as she pressed her lips against the base of my cock for what felt like an eternity. In all my life, no woman has ever so calmly and eagerly taken every inch of me with such little resistance.

Her confidence that really made her irresistible

She slid her lips back up my cock with a much control and grip that I almost lost control. After going down and up, just once, she stood up and let me watch as the let the nearly nothing she was wearing drop off her shoulders to the floor exposing a real woman’s body. Not one of those too skinny, too perfect bodies of a 20 something year old athlete.

No, in my experience those girls are too caught up in what they look like and don’t put enough energy into making their partner relax and feel good. No, this woman was not a little girl; she was a real woman with a real body. Full hips and beautiful breasts, but a freckle or two and a crease or two that may prevent her from being a cover model but made her all the sexier in my opinion. Actually, it was her confidence that really made her irresistible.

She turned around and with her thumbs in the hips of her panties and bent over slowly exposing her tiny pink ass hole, then her silky smooth pussy lips. She gave pause in this perfect position as he turned the corner and saw me gazing between his wife’s legs.

His grin matched mine when he saw it. He had already undressed and at the sight of her exposing herself to me, I could see his cock twitch and start to swell past half mast as we walked up to her with her mouth at the perfect height. Without warning or skipping a beat, she grasped his ass cheeks and took a step backwards allowing her to sit on my lap as she continued to pull him repeatedly into her mouth for full erection. Her lips started to grind on my cock and spread her sex all over my shaft as she worked forward and backward, stroking my cock with her pussy lips and ass cheeks, all the while her head was bobbing up and down on her man’s full erection. This woman’s body was slick and wet beyond anything I had expected and it felt amazing.

Sudden wet play occurred

She started to stand up and I took control for just a moment. Before she was fully up, I slid my tongue between her lips and right up to, and into her sexy ass as I pulled her backward onto my face. The next moment she said “get ready, I need to empty my bladder before we fuck’. The first words I heard spoken since I walked into their house were “Oh fuck yes!” and damn it if that didn’t make me happy. She released all her golden champagne in my mouth.

I started to stand up too and she turned and pushed me back into the chair with a smile. “He always comes first.” And after a pause, “well, not literally” and with a wink, she guided him to the bed and began to treat his body like one would worship a sex god.

She used her hands and breasts and mouth on nearly every part of his body keeping his cock in suspense and at attention. She would tease it for a while before straddling his face. This was one of my favourite parts because as she was grinding her wet pussy on his mouth, she was staring at me and was giving me silent hand signals instructing me to stroke myself. She then started pinching her nipples as she allowed herself to get lost in the sight of me stroking my cock as a masterful tongue toyed with her clit and pussy lips.

Her eyes later focused on my cock as she built closer to orgasm. Before I knew it, her mouth was wrapped around his cock again while never loosing eye contact with mine and he was clearly enjoying it. I stroked myself to the rhythm of her mouth pleasuring him and it gained momentum as she clearly moved closer to the edge.

All of a sudden….. “Not like this” she said after pulling her mouth and dripping wet pussy off of her husband. She flips herself over and takes a few breaths to calm herself and stares in his eyes intently and says one word… “Together”. She slides onto his sliver covered cock slowly and you can tell this, like many people are that “first penetration” feeling that so many couples live so much. Already wet and excited but there is nothing like the feeling of a pussy that loves you, wrapping around your cock as you couldn’t get any harder.

He pulled her close and kissed her deeply afterward she sat upright and slid all the way on top of him as his hands reached up and cupped and gently squeezed her magnificent breasts and toyed with her nipples. “Now?” He said. She nodded and began to slowly grind on his cock while sitting mostly upright. His hand lifted and gave me the “come here sign, clearly telling me it was my time to take part again.

Finger play for sure

I stood behind her, my hand found its way to her back and I ran my hand up and down her body from her neck, down to her ass and back up again. I moved my body closer and allowed myself to gently join the rhythm she had already set and my hands reached around her body to cup and tease her one breast that he had graciously moved his hand away from. My other hand down her spine and followed the path to her little starfish of an ass hole that was begging to be teased and played with.

Her wetness had spread everywhere so even her ass was slick so there was no issue with my fingers roaming into and out of her body, each time going a little deeper. She reached back, grabbed my wrist, looked over her shoulder and smiled as she shoved my finger as far as it would reach into her ass. “Now, make it two fingers and stop fucking around.”

So I did as I was told and slid two fingers into her and taking her lead, started fucking her with them without delay or hesitation. I positioned myself to better finger fuck her ass and she began to stroke my cock, which of course made me fuck her ass harder and harder. I knew she was going to be asking for three fingers and as I took my third finger and began to stretch her open a bit more, her grip on my cock grew tighter for a bit, then she let go as she started to moan, soft at first but it began to build noticeably.

Clearly this was the start of something big and all three of us knew it. As I worked my three fingers deeper and deeper, my cock was again treated to handy manipulation and all three of us were again on our way toward our own bliss. It was a minute or two before I realized that this hand stroking my cock was more powerful and deliberate. This was a hand that knew more instinctively what a cock enjoys and let me tell you, that hand knew how to make me feel amazing.

So much so that I couldn’t bring myself to ask him to stop. Just the right pressure, stroke and speed. I slid my fingers from her ass and ran them further between her thighs, up and around his thrusting cock. I reached round and while squeezing his thrusting cock, I began to plan with her clit ant the same time, giving her clit a two fingered reach around. The increased grip on my cock was proof that he enjoyed the extra attention and when she began to rock and buck as her first orgasm rolled thru her body, it became obvious that she appreciated the attention as well.

Feeling stretched?

As her body writhed on his cock and my hand, he tapped me on my leg and looked at me and said, “Now fuck with me”. He didn’t have to tell me twice. I slid my fingers from her clit and his cock as he continued to fuck her from underneath. I lined up my cock with her ass and started to slide in when she shouted “Fuck me WITH him!”.

It never occurred to me but I was about to be cock to cock with him inside his wife’s pussy and my mind went blank. I didn’t…. couldn’t hesitate. I lined my shaft up along his, pressed myself against him and as he continued to thrust felt our skin slip and slide against each other. As my cock reached the opening he was so mechanically thrusting into, I felt her soft wet lips start to give way before feeling much more resistance.

I’ve fucked tight women before but nothing could prepare me for the feeling of a pussy stretched for two cocks, let alone the other moving part in there with me. I had been pushing deeper and deeper and he was thrusting the whole time but now I began to match his pace and depth and we became as if one giant cock just rocking her body like never before (I assume but was wrong). She started rocking her body into the fucking and fucked both of us like a cowgirl begging a bull to buck harder.

The sensation was so different that what I would have guessed. Fucking a pussy and sharing it with another man. With the two of our cocks fucking in tandem, there was little to no friction or sensation between us but her pussy squeezed us so tightly together it was like our cocks were bonding. It didn’t take long before this repeated stuffing of his wife brought on a second orgasm and it was actually surprising how wet she got.

The rush of fresh lubrication made it easy for our cocks to disengage from the tandem fucking and we began to enjoy the slick pressure and friction of fucking her with alternating thrusts. Finding a new, faster pace and matching the thrusting of her body as orgasm after orgasm rode thru her body, we began jack hammering this body of hers, taken to the edge of its limits.

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